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ovide more opportunities for all countries, including Greece.Greece-China cooperation is ▓of strategic significance, and

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the Greek people thank China for its valuable assistance during the financial crisis, t▓he prime minister said.He pledged that Greece will contin▓ue to firmly support China on issues concerning China's core interes

ts, and Greece will take an active part in the joi▓nt construction of the Belt and Road to build the Pi▓raeus Port into the largest port in Europe and promote Eurasian connectivity.Greece hopes to become a ga

  • e Balkan region. The China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) cooper▓ation mechanism enriches the meaning of the China-EU comprehensive strat
  • egic partnershi▓p, and China is willing to work with Greece to consolidate the cooperation mechanism and jointly safeguard m▓ultilateralism and free trade to achieve all-win
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OCT 29, 2024

teway for China to enter the Europea▓n market and welcomes more Chinese busin

OCT 28, 2024

esses to invest and start businesses in Greece, which will strongly promote ec

OCT 27, 2024

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